Family Life Center


Family Life Center Ministry

Northeast Baptist Church

 Family Life Center Schedule:

Monday:  Closed

Tuesday:  Adult Volleyball 6:30 P.M.

Wednesday:  Ignite Student Ministry 6:30–9:00 P.M.

Thursday:  Basketball 6:30–8:30 P.M.

Friday:  Open Gym 7:00-10:00 P.M.


Must be 6th grade or older to participate without adult supervision. Any child under 6th grade must have an adult attend with them.

May 2014


Athletic Code of Conduct


Our Family Life Center Administrative Committee and staff feel that it is both desirable and necessary for each person who participates in organized church recreational sports activities to understand and support the following conduct code.

As a participant in NEBC Athletic program:

I will remember that participation in recreational church sports offers a privilege but also demands responsibility. The privilege is granted as a courtesy of our church to all who enjoy athletic competition. The responsibility is to not abuse that privilege or take it for granted.

I will admit that the church athletic contest has a distinctive quality beyond secular sports. This quality is the Biblical appeal for all believers to grow in Christlikeness through athletic participation.

I will strive to model & demonstrate good sportsmanship as the norm to be expected rather than the exception to be applauded.

I will embrace winning with a humble spirit and accept losing with dignity and composure.

I will make the simple goals of physical wellness, love for the sport, development of personal skill and fellowship with other athletes my objectives in church athletic participation.

I will speak, act and react in a manner which best serves God first, others next and self last.

I will encourage and support maximum enjoyment of the athletic contest for all who participate, whether it is teammates, opponents, officials or fans.

I will direct my aggressive athletic energy into constructive channels of behavior thereby improving my own development as an athlete rather than abusing or harming fellow players.

Having read and fully understood this conduct code adopted by Northeast Baptist Family Life Center Ministry, I accept the premises of this code and will honor its contents while participating in athletic programs. I further understand and acknowledge that the privileges and responsibilities of my involvement in such programs shall continue as long as I remain faithful in adhering to this code of conduct.