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     Music that is uplifting, encouraging, worshipful, and spiritually challenging is consistently presented at weekly services, special occasions, and various events through a blending of styles here at Northeast Baptist Church.  Strong congregational singing is also apparent to all who attend.

Purpose Statement:

“To present music that ministers to and 

spiritually challenges the church as well as

presenting the gospel through music to the lost.”



     Ah Fall!  Boy, the seasons seem to change quicker and quicker.  Seems like yesterday that school began and we were all sweating out August.  But here we are already. Wow!  One thing that is constant, however, is our Worship here at NEBC.  I want to take a moment to express thanks to everyone who served and ministered throughout our recent Summer season.  All of our Instrumentalists (Keyboards, Guitars, Orchestra) do such a fine job week by week and this Summer was no exception.  Thank you all for your work all year long.   And our Worship Choir as we sang each week and even did some extra Patriotic selections in July…great singing folks and you all served so well.  Awesome job!

     So what is next, you may be wondering?  Well, Christmas of course!  Choir rehearsals have already begun but it’s NEVER too late to join in.  So if you have ever wanted to sing in our choir, NOW is a great time to join up.  Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 6:30 in the Choir Room.

    And other Instrumentalists … we haven’t left you out!  I am working on some Christmas ideas, so you will be hearing about those soon.  Look for my emails.  Also, if there is anyone who would like to join us, give me a shout out and I can give you details.  We are always looking for more Instrumentalists!

You can contact me at the link below:

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