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            Here Comes Trouble

Worship Video:   NEBC Morning Worship June 10, 2012


Trouble. Not a good sounding word. But yet it is a word that all of us are familiar with. Every day trouble comes knocking at our door. It might come in the form of financial trouble, health crises, or relationship problems. Whatever form or shape it comes in none of us are immune. If you’re one of those fortunate people who are “trouble free” today, hang on to your hat because odds are trouble is headed your way.

The question is how do we handle trouble when it comes? Do we run and hide? Do we quit and give up? Or do we stand firm, face it head on, and trust God.

Experience tells us that it doesn’t do any good to run and hide from our troubles for they will find us no matter where we are. Instead, we need to turn to God and trust Him to help us through. It is only when we surrender to His will that He will deliver us from our troubles.

This Sunday we will begin a new three-part sermon series from 2 Chronicles 20 entitled Here Comes Trouble. In the course of this series we will be looking at the story of King Jehoshaphat and how he handled trouble when it came into his life. Our message Sunday is entitled “Seeking God.”

Here are the Weekly Bulletin for July 10th and the Sermon Notes.  You can download them to your phone or iPad for use during the service.    Sermon Notes June 10, 2012    June 10, 2012

Bro. Larry

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